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Pink rhodonite is one of the pink gemstones that are known to be highly effective in maintaining balanced energy levels and assisting you in the pursuit of fulfilling your potential. The rhodonite crystal heals intimate matters of the heart. It dissolves the negative emotions that might arise from traumatic experiences and promotes feelings of compassion and self-love. Rhodonite does, however, have a multitude of physical uses too.

It gives you reserves of previously untapped strength that you can draw upon to feel physically sustained and gently invigorated. Rhodonite’s connection with the heart and circulatory system further enhances these feelings of rejuvenation. 


It is also believed to aid in the growth of strong bones and teeth while caring for the wellbeing of hearing-related organs and mechanisms. Individuals or couples that are trying to conceive have been known to turn to this crystal as it promotes fertility. Furthermore, rhodonite could potentially treat the symptoms of auto-immune diseases and stomach ulcers while also soothing inflamed joints. 



Rhodonite Crystal Tower Wand Gemstone

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