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12 inch Wooden Divination Pendulum Board 


Engraved Board


This black wooden spirit board has 26 letters from A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9, with mysterious patterns and YES and NO words, making the game more mysterious and interesting. It's easy to use. There are words Yes and NO on the wooden board, just gently swing the heart-shaped indicator, when the indicator stops, you will get answers about the past, present and future.

A game of numbers, letters, comprehensive content to get you closer to the answer you want, but this product is like any product that relies on energy, spirituality, and artistic realization. Perfect Witch Gift. It's perfect for decorating witch altar rituals, you can also give it as a gift to friends and family, they will love it.

A pendulum board is a divination tool that you use in conjunction with a pendulum. Divination tool to access the aether, spirit guides, deities, or loved ones who have passed.


Wooden Spirit Board
Material: Wood
Size: about 30*22*0.3CM/11.8*8.7*0.12inch
Thickness: about 0.3CM
Weight: about 117g

Packing List:
1* Board


12" Engraved Wooden Divination Pendulum Spirit Board

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